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Our PRoducts

All Classic Roots products have been carefully curated with our customers in mind. By using quality genetics with unique terpene profiles and extra special attention every step of the way, we guarantee a premium experience every time. From the moment you open up a Classic Roots product, you will be able to feel the love and attention put into every gram.


Our plants are given extra special care and attention in our state-of-the-art facility from seed through harvest and beyond. With our high standards in place, your flower will remain as fresh as the day it was harvested. 



Our premium 1-gram pre-rolls are made with 100% flower and cured at the perfect temperature-controlled environment and rolled to perfection. 

We even store them upside down so all the kief settles at the bottom to allow for an even smoke from beginning to end, so our customers can enjoy until the very last hit.




Our vaporizer cartridges are carefully crafted with our customers in mind—no additives, no cutting agents, no thinners; strictly pure, uniquely flavorful cannabis oil to ensure a premium experience every time. 


Classic Roots proudly uses CCELL glass cartridges to house our cannabis oil and live resins. 


Our premium concentrates are made with the highest quality inputs to ensure an above top shelf experience every time. Our menu is constantly changing and evolving based on our current grow production.