Classic Roots Farm is a craft cannabis brand that offers top-quality flower and concentrates for the Michigan market. Our goal is to provide our customers with safe and sustainable cannabis products so they can enjoy a green, responsible, and active lifestyle.



It starts with genetics. Our team is on the never-ending pursuit for the most unique and elite strains out there. Our trailblazing standards always include testing for terpenes so that you can find the strain that is best suited to you. Our genetics have been highly curated and selected based on terpene profiles, flavor, and potency so that you have a premium experience every time.

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It’s no surprise that growing and processing cannabis requires lots of energy and environmental resources. At Classic Roots, we are dedicated to decreasing our environmental footprint through energy usage, resources, and even our packaging. We’ll look out for Mother Earth while you enjoy a green lifestyle. 


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Quality over everything else, that’s why we chose to hand trim all of our flower. Each bud is handled with care to ensure you receive the highest quality flower every time. After getting a trim, our buds are placed into environmentally controlled bins that are monitored for temperature and moisture until they are packaged up and ready for you to enjoy.

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Trust us, growing with love really works! Our plants are given extra special care and attention in our state-of-the-art facility from seed through harvest and beyond. Each rooms’ environment is carefully monitored day and night to ensure our plants are comfortable at all times. 


At Classic Roots Farm, Michigan is in our blood. Our team was born and raised in Michigan and understands the importance of bringing the cannabis industry to our state for the good of our consumers. We have a history in the industry and a love for creating a pure product that will enhance the lives and well-being of the cannabis consumers of Michigan.