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MSG Live Resin

Tune In

Origin: GMO x Chem de la Chem

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Classification: Hybrid

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Flavors: Gassy, Traditional Chem, Old-School Funk

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Effects: Uplifting, Happy, Full-Body Buzz, Focused

Bred by Covert Genetics and exclusively grown in Michigan by Classic Roots Farm, MSG is quickly becoming a fan-favorite for good reason. With a floral nose and pure gas flavors, this smooth smoker will leave you with a nice heavy stone without the major couch lock. A great choice for an all-day smoke for the high tolerance smoker.

Average THC:

74.10 %

Average Total Cannabinoids:

82.21 %

Average Total Terpenes:

10.57 %

Dominant Terpenes:

Limonene, Myrcene, & Caryophyllene

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